A Peek into Our “CLOUDIES” Culture

Amanda Eleuteri

Here at Invoice Cloud, we strive to make life simple for our clients and their customers – something that’s often easier said than done. We help our clients take complex processes and digital interactions and simplify them to drive real results. This isn’t always a straightforward objective and, frankly, we set an incredibly high bar for ourselves.

So, how are we able to achieve all this with such consistency? By creating a culture where everybody wins.

We recognize that to accomplish everything we’ve set out to do, we need a team that doesn’t just believe in our mission but is enthusiastic to carry it out. A huge part of that enthusiasm is creating a culture that excites people (that and great food, which we take very seriously at Invoice Cloud).

The culture at Invoice Cloud is built around a few operating guidelines, a.k.a. CLOUDIES. Every “Cloudie” subscribes to these eight important values which make up the backbone of our company culture:


There are no sidelines at Invoice Cloud. We’re all on one field of play. No one member of our team would presume to know everything – for us, collaboration is crucial at every level. How else would we discover new strategies or develop innovative product features?

No matter what department you’re in, we’re all in this together.


We’re huge advocates of laughing on the job. The Invoice Cloud philosophy is that it’s not just nice to have fun at work, it’s important to have fun at work!

Simply put, if you’re having fun at your job, you’re loving what you do. That means you’re going to enjoy coming in and getting to work. On a macro level, that energy creates an incredible environment to work in, not to mention a hyper-productive staff.

Open, candid dialogue

At Invoice Cloud, this means three big things: being candid, being approachable, and being action oriented.

To be part of a high-functioning team, there needs to be mutual honesty and an understanding that we’re willing and able to help one another.

One of the great things about our company is that you can reach out to anyone, no matter their level in the organization, and they will get back to you. Everyone at every level is approachable, transparent, and eager to help.


We aim to create and maintain a top-notch product for our clients, so there must be a sense of urgency behind everything we do. That means going after the hard stuff first and with persistence.

The solutions we’re looking for aren’t always easy to find, but each team member knows we have to drive forward with great determination to accomplish our larger goals. Ultimately, that’s the only way we can provide the industry’s top EBPP solution for our clients (and their customers, in turn).

Do the right thing

At Invoice Cloud, we respect our customers, colleagues, partners, competitors, the planet, and all people.


Hand-in-hand with doing the right thing is leading with integrity, something the Invoice Cloud team infuses into every interaction. One of the pillars of our community is honest, transparent communication in all situations.

We’re all going to make mistakes, especially at our naturally fast pace. But at Invoice Cloud, what matters more is how you respond to those mistakes than the mistakes themselves.


At Invoice Cloud, you’ll hear that we’re always looking for “A players.” To create an innovative product and provide incredible service, you need to bring excellence to the table – and we ask that of all our employees.

The key to that request? Strive for excellence but don’t expect perfection. As a team, we value the ambition to chase and achieve excellence, with the humility to recognize that no one is perfect 100% of the time.

Support for the community

As an organization, Invoice Cloud takes giving back to our community extremely seriously. We regularly give back to various charitable organizations whether it be with our time, or through monetary donations. That passion extends to every individual member of the IC family.

Invoice Cloud empowers our staff to give back in their own way, on their own terms, with full company support. And we truly walk the walk by giving employees eight hours of time a year to give back to their communities in whichever way they’d like.

Just this year, Invoice Cloud established “Invoice Cloud Cares,” a charitable effort that supports people in need. In June, we created a fundraising campaign to support charities fighting racial injustice and matched employee donations. Invoice Cloud Cares is the newest way that we show we care, and we continue to explore new ideas every year.

That’s a wrap on the CLOUDIES values that truly make Invoice Cloud a unique and incredible culture to work in. Do these values resonate with you? Do they sound like your values? If that’s the case, we want to talk with you!

Take a look at our open positions here.

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