Driving Self-Service Adoption with Enhanced CX: Client Story

Brian Melle

In today’s day and age, it’s critical to meet your customers where they are. When it comes to the insurance industry, one impactful way to accomplish this is by offering policyholders flexible, online payment options with plenty of routes to drive self-service adoption.

As we’ve discussed, billing and payments are just one component of offering a great customer experience (CX), but the payment experience is arguably one of the most important pieces. This is especially true in the insurance space, where engagement points with customers are low. CX can have a major impact on an insurance organization’s policyholder retention rates, self-service adoption, consistency of collections, and much more.

As a leading health care services organization, Fallon Health of Worcester, Massachusetts understood that billing and payments are one of the few engagement points they have with members, and therefore, the experience needed to be as convenient, simple, and positive as possible. With an Electronic Billing and Payment Presentment (EBPP) solution from Invoice Cloud, Fallon Health was able to offer a better CX, increase self-service adoption, and see other incredible results.

Lack of online payment options causes an increase in missed payments

In today’s digital age, consumers expect online options in everything they do – and making premium payments is no exception.

Fallon Health’s inability to accept online payments was causing several challenges, all stemming from an inferior user experience this lack of payment options was creating. A few of the organization’s major challenges included:

  • Limited self-service functionality
  • No paperless or AutoPay options
  • Absence of an e-payment option resulting in late payments and cancellations
  • Considerable time spent on processing payments and reconciliations

The organization needed an innovative, digital payment platform that would improve their payment process, enhance operational efficiencies, and increase member satisfaction.

Driving self-service adoption with a better CX

To overcome these obstacles, the team at Fallon Health knew they needed to go to the source of these issues: the poor experience they were offering for making premium payments.

Fallon Health determined the organization needed a solution that could quickly deploy an online payment platform for their members. Because of its history of successful implementations, Fallon Health chose Invoice Cloud as their online payment solution.

Beyond a smooth, successful implementation, Invoice Cloud’s platform offered everything Fallon Health needed to:

  • Enable a better user experience to drive more digital payments
  • Increase self-service with omni-channel payment options
  • Decrease late payments with intelligent communications
  • Increase e-adoption for more efficient collections
  • Automate manual functions to save time and money

By addressing their members need for self-service options (i.e., making premium payments online, enrolling in paperless billing, signing up for automatic payments, etc.) Fallon Health was able to close the user experience gap that had previously been a major roadblock. From there, the team saw phenomenal organizational results, all from making the decision to partner with Invoice Cloud and expand their efforts to drive self-service adoption.

Decreasing late or missed payments with Invoice Cloud

Fallon Health has realized significant benefits since implementing Invoice Cloud. With an enhanced user experience, increased communications, and more self-service payment options, the organization saw a decrease in late or missed payments, lower print and mail costs, and overall happier customers.

To read the full results of Fallon Health’s successful implementation, download the case study below.


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