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3 Benefits of an Enhanced Interactive Voice Response Solution

We often talk about omni-channel payment options as a billing essential, mainly for the convenience of allowing customers to make payments, whenever, wherever, and however they’d…

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Tags: adoption, customer experience, ebpp, omni-channel

How Innovative is Your Premium Payment Experience?

If you’ve been tasked with keeping your insurance organization up-to-speed on critical innovations, you’re probably already on a journey…

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Tags: customer effort, customer satisfaction, insurance, online payment system, online payments, policyholder experience

Research: are Seniors Adopting Online Payments?

Usually, when we talk about generational trends with digital payments, we’re talking about younger generations. What payment channels do Millennials prefer? How can you keep payments on-time…

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Tags: digital payments, online payment system, online payments, research

4 Ways Your Organization Can Drive Online Payment Adoption for Taxes

When we talk about “adoption,” we are generally referring to electronic billing and payment adoption or the process of driving customers to make…

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Tags: adoption, ebpp, online payment system, online payments, self-service

Decreasing Late Payments with Higher CSAT: Client Story

There’s a common misconception within the local municipality space that customer satisfaction (CSAT) doesn’t impact the day-to-day intricacies of billing and payments within utility service providers. Unfortunately, that is not the…

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Tags: customer experience, customer satisfaction, digital payments, ebpp, online payment system, online payments, self-service

How to Protect Your Utility or Municipality from Cyberthreats

In January 2020, cybercriminals disturbed government services for a week in Tillamook County, using ransomware. In May 2020, cybercriminals…

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Tags: online payment system, partnerships, security, utilities

Driving Self-Service Adoption with Enhanced CX: Client Story

In today’s day and age, it’s critical to meet your customers where they are. When it comes to the…

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Tags: client stories, online payment system, online payments, self-service, user experience

3 New Biller Best Practices in the Wake of COVID-19

Just as COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live, billing organizations have also had to pivot their best practices in response to the health…

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Tags: adoption, digital payments, omni-channel, saas, user experience

The Benefits of a Reconciliation Tool for Insurance Organizations

Despite being a necessity for insurance carriers, reconciliations can become a costly and time-consuming process, one that leaves insurance organizations vulnerable to critical errors and needlessly consumes employee…

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Tags: customer satisfaction, ebpp, insurance, online payment system, policyholder experience

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