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Celebrating Earth Day: The Impact of Paperless Billing

This Earth Day, we’d like to highlight a self-service option in the payment route that’s beneficial for billing organizations, the planet, and highly convenient for customers: paperless billing. 

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Tags: adoption, online payments, self-service, user experience

The Mobile Payment Platform Optimization Checklist

Whether it’s online, on the phone, or on a mobile payment platform, allowing your customers to submit payments on the channel of their choice is key to increasing online…

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Tags: customer experience, ebpp, google pay, mobile wallet, omni-channel

What it Takes to Join the Invoice Cloud Implementation Team

The implementation team at Invoice Cloud truly bridges the gap between two major pillars of our organizational mission: providing both a simple, online payment solution that makes our clients’ jobs easier…

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Tags: culture, implementations, online payment system, saas, values

Invoice Cloud and PayPal: 4 Unique Benefits for your Organization

At Invoice Cloud, our primary focus is improving customer engagement to encourage more online payments and drive results for your organization. We’re…

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How to Find the Best Online Payment Solution for Workers’ Comp

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating, leaving millions unemployed in the U.S. alone. While every corner…

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What is CX vs. UX?
By Tessa Newell On March 10, 2021

What is CX vs. UX?

User experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) are words thrown around often when referring to customer service. But what…

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Tags: customer effort, customer experience, customer frustration, customer satisfaction, ebpp, user experience

Why Do Billing Organizations Need a Payment Reconciliation Tool?

Whether it’s monthly utility payments or book-to-tax reconciliations, the need for a payment reconciliation tool is a vital part…

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Tags: ebpp, online payment system, utilities

[Infographic]: Keeping up with Millennial policyholders

With a population of over 72 million, Millennials are currently the largest generation in North America. The significant buying…

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Tags: insurance, online payments, policyholder experience, research

3 Takeaways from New Research on Millennial Policyholders

As the largest generation in North America, Millennials are an important demographic for insurance carriers. Not only because this…

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Tags: ebpp, insurance, online payments, policyholder experience, research

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