Video: Bona Vista Water Improves Productivity with Online Payment Services

Brian Melle

Bona Vista Online Payment Services

Community growth can be an exciting and overwhelming time for utility providers — more people relying on your services often means more in-person and mail-in payments for your team to field. And as workloads become more disproportionate, it becomes more difficult for utilities to scale and keep their teams productive.

Bona Vista Water District was stuck at just such a crossroad, struggling to keep up with the influx of manual work that came from their community’s rapid growth. We were thrilled to sit down with Marci Doolan, Administrative Manager for Bona Vista, to hear about the district’s journey to driving digital self-service and refocusing its major priorities with InvoiceCloud.

Want to learn more about how InvoiceCloud helped Bona Vista see these incredible results? You can always set up a no-obligation, 30-minute call with our team to share your billing and payment strugglesand hear how we can help.

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