The New Insurance Billing Best Practices

How COVID-19 continues to change billing and collecting premiums
Insurance billing best practices


What's Inside

Throughout the pandemic, insurance providers have had to continuously recalculate how to balance health concerns with critical revenue collections, policyholder relationships, and complying with the industry’s new best billing practices.

Policyholder behaviors have changed, too. Most critically, the health crisis has encouraged (or forced) many insureds to opt for contactless, digital methods of payment and communication.

Based on the successes of more than 2,700 InvoiceCloud users, we’ve compiled a few of the new best practices that insurers must adopt to effectively manage organizational priorities and support policyholders moving forward.

Download the free ebook for those best practices and learn how to:

Make receiving and paying claims contactless for employees and policyholders
Help all policyholders transition to digital payments
Deliver frictionless customer experiences to improve policyholder retention (even with reduced staff or resources)


Did You Know:

  • According to InvoiceCloud research, 63% of bill payers surveyed were already using digital channels to pay bills prior to COVID.
  • 1 in 4 bill payers surveyed have permanently adopted digital, contactless payment methods due to COVID