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Invoice Cloud Client Shares PayPal Results

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March 11, 2021 Webinar Questions:
Invoice Cloud Client Shares PayPal Results

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What is the implementation time for PayPal?
After the paperwork is completed, it is a simple process for Invoice Cloud to enable the functionality. Currently, it will take approx. 30 days to process the request after the paperwork is complete. Due to the volume of interest, the expected wait time to increase, so sign up now to avoid long waits.

How do I add other payment options like MC/Visa/Discover/Google Pay/Apple Pay?
Google Pay is not included in this webinar, it is functionality that was released last year. To add any of these payment types, simply open a new ticket/case by sending an email to helpdesk@invoicecloud.com.

Can PayPal be setup in a test portal for testing?
Yes, it can be enabled in test portals.

Is PayPal currently live?
Yes, PayPal is live now. The default setting is off and paperwork is required to turn on the functionality.

Is this available for Cloud Store or Cloud Pay accounts?
Yes, cloud stores are supported.


Does the payment get deposited to our account along with all our other payments thru Chase Paymentech, or will the PayPal payment come in separate?
The deposit for PayPal branded payments will be separate from the Chase Paymentech deposit. The funds from PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Venmo will be included in one deposit and come directly from PayPal.

How many days do PayPal payments take to clear/deposited into a bank account? Is it the same for credit and ACH?
The deposit timeline would match your current timeline for ACH and Card deposits. There would be no change.


What is the fee structure for billers and customers?
The pricing structure will be identical to Credit Card pricing.

If the payer is paying the credit card fees, then the payer will pay equal fees for PayPal.

If the biller is paying a fee per credit card transaction to Invoice Cloud, the biller will be paying the same fee per PayPal transaction. If a biller is also absorbing credit card interchange costs, they will incur a similar pass-through cost from PayPal. Unlike credit card costs which vary by the card type used, PayPal costs will be a fixed rate of 1.50% per transaction instead of variable interchange rates.  

We have a cap on our credit cards payments of $300.00. A customer paying with PayPal will they have the same cap?
If you currently have a limit on Card transactions, the same limit will apply to PayPal transactions.

What is the fee for any returned payments?
A fee for a PayPal dispute is the same as your current fee for chargebacks.

Would there ever be an ACH return (overdraft/NSF) item when using PayPal?
PayPal treats this slightly differently. Because we do not have visibility to the instrument associated with the payer wallet, we wouldn't know if it was an ACH or a Card. PayPal returns payments as a "Dispute".

If a payer using their PayPal wallet elects to pay from a bank account instead of a credit card, will the fee (to the biller that absorbs the fee or the customer that pays the fee) be for a credit card transaction or bank transaction? How will the biller know what fee will be charged?
The payment method associated with the payer wallet is not disclosed per the agreement between the payer and PayPal and therefore we cannot differentiate fees based on the payment method used from the wallet. All payments are priced as Card Payments regardless of the method used.


Would these PayPal transactions be in a separate data pump?
No, PayPal transactions will be delivered through the same data pump integration already in place. Like credit card and ACH transactions, PayPal transaction will be delivered via data pump as soon as they occur.

Will PayPal, PayPal Credit Card and Venmo payments appear immediately in billing software via Webservice [or other integration method] as they do now?
Yes, if you currently receive your payments real-time it will be the same for PayPal.

PayPal Access

How do customers access PayPal and Venmo?
PayPal and PayPal Credit are supported on desktop and mobile. Venmo is only supported on mobile devices.

Can these options be used for one-time payments? Or does the customer need to be a registered customer?
This option can be used for one-time payments. The payer does not need to be registered on Invoice Cloud.

As a representative.... if a customer is having an issue with processing their payment. Will we be able to select the PayPal option for them to assist with making their payment?
There is no biller portal option to make a PayPal branded payment on behalf of a payer. Payers can choose an alternative payment method. Alternatively, billers can enter an Invoice Cloud helpdesk ticket on the payers' behalf.

PayPal Products

Please describe the PayPal Pay in 4 fees, parameters, and eligibility.
Details of the Pay in 4 product can be found here: http://www.invoicecloud.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Pay-Later-_-Sales-Sheet-_-Enterprise-_-US_InvoiceCloud.pdf.

You can view additional details on the PayPal experience for payers here: https://www.paypal.com/us/for-you/pay-in-4

As with all PayPal products, the fee charged by Invoice Cloud for Pay in 4 will be the same as credit card fees.

What happens if a client chooses PayPal Credit or Pay in 4 as a payment option and then does not meet their payment obligation with PayPal? Will we be responsible to give PayPal their money back?
No. The debt relationship is between the payer and PayPal. The biller gets paid the entire balance based on that initial transaction processed. The biller will not know of or see any reversals for PayPal Credit or Pay in 4.

Returns and Reconciliation

If there are reconciliation issues (for example, missing or delay in deposit, rejects or returns), would the discrepancy be handled through Invoice Cloud or PayPal?
Reconciliation issues would be handled through Invoice Cloud.

How are ACH Rejects and chargebacks handled?
PayPal treats this slightly differently. Because we do not have visibility to the instrument associated with the payer wallet, we wouldn't know if it was an ACH or a Card. PayPal returns payments as a "Dispute."

Are PayPal payments able to be voided or refunded?
Voids are not supported for PayPal brands. Refunds can be processed via the biller portal in the same way as credit, debit, and ACH transactions.


Will there be tutorials for how payers can use PayPal and Venmo?
Product is reviewing options for payer education.

If PayPal integrates their crypto trading platform, which they are currently using, with their bill pay functionality, won't that be an additional option for our customers to pay with?
PayPal has recently introduced crypto currency capabilities into its product line. We are working to clarify how this can be used in the bill pay process flow and will follow-up in a subsequent communication.

How does payment type aliasing work?
Most billing systems are programmed to only accept credit card and ACH payment types in payment files and data pump APIs. Aliasing allows Invoice Cloud to substitute either credit card or ACH for a payment type when a PayPal transaction occurs so that these existing integrations do not break.

If the biller wishes to receive separate values for PayPal brands, Invoice Cloud can configure that upon request. The biller should first verify with its billing system provider that the integration can support these separate values. 

If you have a question that was not answered here or would like more information,
please create a helpdesk ticket by sending an email to helpdesk@invoicecloud.com.

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