A Look Back at 2023

Published 12/7/23

Here are some highlights as a celebration of our commitment to bringing the best true SaaS billing and payment platform to the market.

Continued Enhancements for OBD Customers

Customers with Online Bank Direct saw payments processed faster with our latest OBD enhancements. This followed the previous improvements already made to OBD over the year, including consolidated funding and reporting, a higher auto-match rate, and more.

Don’t have OBD? Here’s a brief overview:

Online Bank Direct (OBD) provides a way for you to spend less time matching check payments with open invoices, simplifying the process of receiving checks from your customers who send you payments using their Bank Bill Pay solution.

With Online Bank Direct, customer payments are received and reported to you in your Biller Portal. The system will automatically match what it can. The few that do not match are presented to you in a simple interface, all you have to do is click once to make the match. Manual matches are remembered so they can auto-match in the future. Once payments are matched, they are settled into your bank account and are easily reconciled.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction of manual processing with auto-match
  • Significantly decreases the number of bank-issued paper checks
  • Auto-assigns payment to more than one invoice, if applicable
  • Simplifies reconciliation and easily exports reports for all transactions
  • Easy-to-use interface

For more information or to sign up for OBD, contact us today.

Consolidated Payment Receipts

The shopping cart experience features a new consolidated email receipt for payments. Payers who added multiple invoices from different accounts to their shopping cart now receive one email receipt of the payment. Previously, the payer and account owner would receive an email receipt for each invoice paid. This enhancement decreases the number of emails sent out to customers, creating less clutter in their inboxes.

If you would still like to enable this enhancement, please submit a case in Support Central.

Smoother Paperless Enrollment

We updated the paperless enrollment process messaging to ensure your payers have a seamless paperless enrollment experience. For billers who currently do not require an email address to be entered in the first step of the payment flow, a new, updated message indicates that an email address is required to complete paperless registration on the Review Payments page. This reminds payers that for the best experience, an email is necessary to complete registration and receive a paperless bill.

Payers could also select which invoice they would like to enroll in paperless billing on the payment review page if there are multiple in their cart. This gives the payer flexibility over which invoice would be delivered digitally or by mail. Additionally, if the payment is processed but the paperless sign up fails, due to an email not being entered, then a message is shown on the confirmation page stating “Your paperless registration was unsuccessful. Please log in to register for paperless.”