On-demand Webinar: 5 Reasons LEXserv Upgraded to InvoiceCloud

InvoiceCloud Team

Like many municipalities, LEXserv (The City of Lexington, KY’s city services billing program) was burdened with an insufficient online payment system that caused frequent collections obstacles, frequently frustrating customers and staff. The outdated payment system lacked the modern, user-friendly payment options that customers expect in today’s digital payment landscape.

After upgrading to InvoiceCloud, LEXserv increased digital payment adoption by 114%, increased AutoPay enrollment by 116%, and saved 20 hours per month in payment-related workload.

Hilori Morgan, Revenue Manager at LEXserv, joined the InvoiceCloud team in an on-demand webinar, where she shared her story and why LEXserv decided to upgrade their digital billing and payments solution.

No time to watch? Get a free copy of LEXserv’s case study here.

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