Hagerstown Drives Self-service, Increases E-payment Adoption

Published 12/7/23

The City of Hagerstown went live with InvoiceCloud in January 2022. Since going live, self-service features such as AutoPay and Paperless have seen a tremendous increase in adoption. According to Beth Everhart, Support Services Manager at the City of Hagerstown, Paperless billing has skyrocketed by 102% since implementation with InvoiceCloud, and AutoPay enrollment has increased by 117%.

Beth noted that, “This increased focus on driving self-service throughout the revamped billing and payment journey has been effective in improving customer satisfaction and staff morale. The city’s overall 59% increase in electronic payment adoption — along with the aforementioned adoption of additional self-service routes — has significantly reduced lobby traffic and payment-related calls.”

The team has saved 20 hours a month in payment-related workloads alone. Read more about the City of Hagerstown’s success with Beth Everhart here.