InvoiceCloud Continues Momentum in Insurance as Farm Bureaus Embrace Modern Digital Payment Options

BOSTON–May 31, 2024– As Farm Bureaus seek new ways to remove friction from their members’ payment experience, InvoiceCloud, a leading solution for digital payment services, has experienced significant sector growth. With notable customers including Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Company, InvoiceCloud now serves millions of Farm Bureau members across the country.

As the dedicated billing, payment, and engagement solution of choice for its Farm Bureau customers, InvoiceCloud is helping transform the member experience by improving payment experiences and driving self-service. For example, since going live with InvoiceCloud in April 2022, Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company continues to see significant levels of adoption, including: 

  • 34% increase in electronic payment adoption
  • 106% increase in AutoPay enrollment 
  • 13.5% of active registered members enrolled in paperless billing (11,608 total enrollees), with average annual savings of $80K+ in paper/mailing costs reported by Georgia Farm Bureau. 

As a true SaaS solution, InvoiceCloud provides automatic enhancements that help augment its security and keep its functionality up to date, as well as customizations to meet a range of member needs. The highly configurable platform pairs with a variety of omni-channel payment options, including digital wallets, pay by text, and AutoPay, allowing members to pay premiums and membership fees when, how, and where they want. These convenient, modern channels can help Farm Bureaus drive member satisfaction and reduce delinquent payments, resulting in fewer manual processes and billing-related calls for Farm Bureau staff.  

“Our experience with InvoiceCloud over the past two years has completely transformed how we interact with our members,” said Cheney Maynard, Senior Director of Information Technology at Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company. “From increased customer satisfaction due to easy and intuitive self-service capabilities, to happier team members because of reduced billing-related call volumes, InvoiceCloud has greatly improved our operational efficiency.”

“At InvoiceCloud, we are driven by the goal of simplifying customer engagements to drive real, quantifiable results for our clients. We’re proud of our industry-leading work with customers like Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company and look forward to providing continued support to Farm Bureaus and their communities nationwide,” said Kevin O’Brien, CEO of InvoiceCloud. 

To learn more about InvoiceCloud’s work with Farm Bureaus, connect with InvoiceCloud at the Farm Bureau Accounting Conference by filling out this form or join the team for an educational session with Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company on Friday, 5/31 from 2:00-3:00 pm ET, titled, “Why changing customer demographics will drive your IT strategy and keep your company competitive.” 

About InvoiceCloud 

InvoiceCloud provides modern digital payment, customer engagement, and outbound disbursement solutions. The company services more than 3,200 customers across the utility, government and insurance industries and is a leader in the electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) space. InvoiceCloud’s SaaS platform enables continuous enhancements to the customer experience resulting in higher digital payment, autopay, and paperless adoption rates. By switching to InvoiceCloud, clients can improve customer engagement and satisfaction while lowering costs, accelerating payments, and reducing staff workloads. To learn more, visit   


Cathy Corwin
Quarter Horse PR