InvoiceCloud Launches New POSPay Terminals to Streamline Payment Experiences

Boston, MA – May 6, 2024 – InvoiceCloud, a leading solution for digital bill payment services, today announced the launch of new terminals for their POSPay point-of-sale solution, designed to simplify in-person payments for billers and their customers. POSPay seamlessly integrates with the InvoiceCloud biller portal, eliminating manual processes and streamlining the payment experience for all parties.

“Many of our customers require a seamless solution for accepting in-person payments alongside their robust online offerings,” said Steve Schult, Senior Vice President, Products for InvoiceCloud. “POSPay addresses this need by providing a user-friendly, integrated solution that minimizes manual effort and maximizes efficiency.”

POSPay offers several key benefits, such as:

  • Effortless Setup and Integration: Devices arrive pre-configured for each biller, minimizing setup time and technical expertise required. Seamless integration with the InvoiceCloud biller portal eliminates the need for separate systems and simplifies reporting and reconciliation.
  • Enhanced Security: POSPay utilizes point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to support PCI compliance.
  • Improved Customer Experience: POSPay enables customers to pay multiple invoices at once and auto-completes returning customer card information, reducing friction and expediting the payment process.

POSPay stands out in the market by offering an integrated solution. Unlike standalone POS systems offered by competitors, POSPay seamlessly integrates, and its flexibility ensures a smooth customer experience and continued compatibility with existing infrastructure.

“By bringing together convenience and integration, POSPay empowers billers to improve their operational efficiency and provide their customers with a faster payment experience,” concluded Schult.

To learn more about InvoiceCloud’s POSPay capabilities, click here.

About InvoiceCloud

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