Keep your Customers on Track this Vacation Season

June is here which means vacation season is in full swing. When customers travel, it can be easy to forget they have a payment due. This month, we’ll discuss how to prevent your customers from accidentally taking a vacation from their bills.  

Highlight features that help keep customers on track 

Vacations mean a disruption for your customers’ normal schedule, which may lead to missed or delayed payments. Here are a few PSN features you can promote throughout the summer to help keep your customers on track:  

  • Payment scheduling – Even if your customers aren’t home when their bill is due, they can avoid late payments by scheduling their payment in advance.  
  • AutoPay – Promoting AutoPay can ensure you receive payments on time, every time all year round
    Paperless – Enrolling in paperless billing keeps one more envelope from piling up in customers’ mailboxes when they’re away from home 

You can find marketing collateral to help promote these features in our Marketing Resource Center.

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Another great way to keep customers on track over the summer is to use your invoice’s available whitespace or message center to include a short, customized message. Here’s a few examples of messages you could include in this space:  

  • Traveling this summer? Schedule your payment in advance of your departure at  
  • Going on vacation? Don’t risk a delay in when we receive your payment: Sign up for AutoPay 
  • Try Pay by Phone to pay your next invoice on the go! Call our automated line at 555-555-5555 
  • Pay and view your bill from anywhere – sign up for paperless billing! 

Stay tuned for another tip next quarter.
Until then, once is not enough – keep on marketing!