Is it Time for a Change?

Are your customers upgrading to a newer version, changing print vendors, or switching to a new provider? If so, the InvoiceCloud’s Conversions & Change Team is dedicated to helping them with the process. With our team’s expertise and knowledge, we can make sure the changes are implemented effectively and efficiently.

There are several steps required to complete an upgrade or conversion and there is often an associated cost. Our goal is that our mutual clients are aware of all the steps of the project, the timing, and are not surprised by any potential charges. It is important to notify us early of any changes that may potentially impact the connection to InvoiceCloud.

A few examples of conversions & changes include:

  • New print vendor
  • Changing presentment type. (Example, from Template to PDFs)
  • Changing billing system (CIS)
  • Integration changes. (Example file changes)
  • Software upgrades. (Newer versions may impact data exchanges with InvoiceCloud)
  • Server upgrades that require InvoiceCloud to create a new test instance.

To initiate a project, your customers need to open a case with InvoiceCloud Customer Service and provide as much information as possible.  The team will reach out as soon as possible to get started.

It is important to let us know early on about upcoming changes to avoid production emergencies.


Change is inevitable but our Conversions & Change Team is ready to help.