Caselle, Inc. Partners with Invoice Cloud to Deliver Improved Customer Experience

PROVO, Ut. (April 28, 2020) — Caselle, Inc., a leading full suite municipal accounting solution that includes utility management, property tax collection, general ledger, community development, payroll and more, has partnered with  Invoice Cloud to enhance its customers’ Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) experience. Started in 2009, Invoice Cloud serves over 2,100 utility and local government organizations across the U.S; the rapid growth has been fueled by a heavy focus on the intricacies of the user experience that lead to better results. Backed by Microsoft Azure’s scalable, reliable, and secure data centers, Invoice Cloud has a track record of delivering. Together, Caselle and Invoice Cloud bring the functionality local government and utilities are asking for: a simple, secure online billing and payment solution that reduces costs, accelerates payments and helps staff improve productivity.

“The Caselle-Invoice Cloud EBPP solution is exactly what many of our customers need right now, as they search for a simple, secure contactless payment option,” says Alan Hutchings, President of Caselle. “The timing of this partnership couldn’t be better for our customers and our organization.”

Key benefits now available to the Caselle community include:

  • Technology Leadership—Invoice Cloud extends Caselle’s innovative platform with a solution that allows customers to pay when, how, and where they want. With a true Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Billers automatically receive industry best customer self-service features that never require upgrades or patches.
  • Omni-channel Payment Options—Local government and utility organizations can offer a wide-range of payment options including: mobile, ApplePay, Google Pay; pay by text; One Click Pay; ‘round up’ donations; calendar reminder, e-bills, and interactive voice response (IVR, also known as Pay by Phone) to drive electronic billing and payment adoption through a simple user interface. The platform’s focus on the accessibility of the payment options drives 2-3X higher usage vs industry benchmarks—this is what sets Invoice Cloud apart.
  • Product Leadership—Invoice Cloud has over 2,100 municipal and utility clients across the county, so Caselle has partnered with the acknowledged leader in online billing and payment adoption. Together, Caselle and Invoice Cloud are committed to maintaining their product leadership to bring the simplest, highest adopting solutions to Billers and Payers in the local government and utility markets.

“We are thrilled and proud to be partnering with the great people at Caselle, Inc.” says Bob Lapides, President of Invoice Cloud. “Together, we are committed to continuously providing the highest adopting, simplest online bill presentment and payment solution to their many existing and future clients. The great thing about the Invoice Cloud platform is that when one client gets an enhancement, all clients get the same enhancement–without downloads, uploads or patches. It’s like having a new car that never gets old.”

About Invoice Cloud: Invoice Cloud, an EngageSmart solution, is the leading provider of online bill payment services. Founded in 2009, the company has grown to be one of the leading disruptors in the cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) space, helping institutions put customer experience first.  By switching to Invoice Cloud, clients improve customer engagement, loyalty, and efficiency while reducing churn and missed payments in the process.  With over 2,100 clients across the US and over 50 million payments processed annually, Invoice Cloud is one of the most secure, innovative, and inclusive fintech solutions in the market.  To learn more, visit


Caselle Contact: 

Mindy Longhurst, Marketing Specialist

Phone: 801-850-5093; Email:

Invoice Cloud Contact:

Chad Galloway, Director of Partnerships

Phone: 818-912-1060; Email: