James City County Sees 11x Increase in Electronic Payments with InvoiceCloud’s Innovative Payments Solutions

InvoiceCloud’s Growing Tax Business has Helped Municipal Tax Collectors Around the Country Grow Revenue and Improve Customer Satisfaction


BOSTON—June 3, 2022—James City County has seen a 1,060% increase in electronic payments after choosing InvoiceCloud, an EngageSmart solution for online bill payment services. James City County and InvoiceCloud first started working together in April 2019, and e-adoption continues to grow.

James City County switched its payments platform to InvoiceCloud in order to offer customers the latest options in digital payments and increase business efficiencies. In addition to increased electronic payments with InvoiceCloud, James City County has also seen a 554% increase in paperless enrollment from 2019-2022, as well as a significant decrease in mailed and in-person payments, reducing operational expenses for the County.

“The InvoiceCloud platform helped us cut mailed and in person payments in half, enabling us to shift resources to other areas of need,” said James City County Treasurer Jennifer Tomes. “In fact, it decreased mailed-in payments so much that we never fell behind on processing these payments in a single day in the past cycle—a first in my 20+ years of processing payments.”

To learn more about why James City County chose InvoiceCloud, download the case study here.

James City County’s success comes in a wave of momentum as InvoiceCloud continues to sign new relationships with municipal tax departments nationwide.

Given the increase in customer demand for online bill payment and account management services, municipal organizations are increasingly seeking more robust fintech options that are simple for IT teams to deploy and that are secure and convenient for billers to use.

In June, InvoiceCloud will be demonstrating its full offering of electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) options at the following conferences for tax professionals.

  • June 5-8, 2022: GFOA Annual Conference in Austin, TX
  • June 6-10, 2022: CACTTC Annual Conference in San Diego, CA
  • June 8-10, 2022: MCTA Annual Conference in Falmouth, MA
  • June 12-15, 2022: TACA TX Annual Conference in Amarillo, TX
  • June 12-15, 2022: TAV Annual Conference in Virginia Beach, VA

To learn more and register for these events, visit the InvoiceCloud Events Page.

About James City County

James City County is a county located in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a population of 76,000. Its Treasurer’s Office processes payments for the county’s real estate and personal property taxes, as well as recycling fees.

About InvoiceCloud:

InvoiceCloud, an EngageSmart solution, is the leading provider of online bill payment services. Founded in 2009, the company has grown to be one of the leading disruptors in the cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) space, helping institutions put customer experience first. By switching to InvoiceCloud, clients improve customer engagement, loyalty, and efficiency while reducing churn and missed payments in the process. With over 2,600 clients across the US and over 50 million payments processed annually, InvoiceCloud is one of the most secure, innovative, and inclusive fintech solutions in the market. To learn more, visit www.InvoiceCloud.com.

About EngageSmart:

EngageSmart is a leading provider of vertically tailored customer engagement software and integrated payments solutions. At EngageSmart, our mission is to simplify customer and client engagement to allow our customers to focus resources on initiatives that improve their businesses and better serve their communities. Headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts, EngageSmart offers single instance, multi-tenant, true Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) vertical solutions, including SimplePractice, InvoiceCloud, HealthPay24 and DonorDrive, that are designed to simplify our customers’ engagement with their clients by driving digital adoption and self-service. EngageSmart serves 84,000 customers in the SMB Solutions segment and more than 3,100 customers in the Enterprise Solutions segment across five core verticals: Health & Wellness, Government, Utilities, Financial Services, and Giving. For more information, visit https://engagesmart.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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