10 Minutes to Impress: Making the Most of Customer Engagement | Part 1: Changing Customer Behavior Through Digitization

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A recent study found that utility providers have their customers’ attention for only 10 minutes a year. That’s less than 60 seconds a month to provide the kind of customer experience that will keep utility payments top of mind, encourage self-service, and mitigate customer frustrations. Needless to say, it’s mission-critical to make the most of those 10 minutes.

In the first of our informal, three-part webinar series, 10 Minutes to Impress: Making the Most of Customer Engagement, David Greenberg, SVP of Global Operations & Delivery at ESC Partners, and Matt Braley, CRO at InvoiceCloud, will sit down to chat about one essential aspect of maximizing customer engagement: changing customer behavior through digitization.

Join our fireside discussion to learn more about:

  • How to be memorable through technology and digitization
  • Becoming a trusted resource for all things utilities
  • People-planning: predicting your customer’s next step
  • Capitalizing on customer engagement moments



Our expert speakers


Matt Braley

Chief Revenue Officer



David Greenberg

SVP, Global Operations & Delivery

ESC Partners