9 Ways to Optimize Your Residents’ Digital Payment Experience

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Your residents want to use digital channels for taxes and other municipal payments, but only if your organization makes it easy for them to do so. According to a new survey of almost 1,300 people who have made at least one online bill payment in the last 12 months, nearly 80% of respondents prefer to make payments through an online portal (43%) or a mobile device (35%).

Digital payments are a win-win. Governments can reap rewards from enabling these transactions – including cost savings, workflow efficiencies, and more on-time payments – but convenience is key. To keep constituents using self-service payment channels, government agencies must continuously evaluate the experience of their online payment offerings and optimize when necessary.

Join InvoiceCloud and Governing as we unpack nine key trends that will help you save employee time and resources, improve collections efficiencies and strengthen your payment experience.

Our expert speaker


Sara Faied

Vice President, Processing Transformation