6 New Insurance​ Billing Best Practices:​ Lessons Learned from Collecting Premiums During COVID

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It’s a complex juggling act – addressing policyholder needs and concerns while maintaining the revenue collection every insurance organization needs to continue operating smoothly. Based on the successes of more than 2,700 InvoiceCloud users, we’ve compiled a few of the new best practices that insurers must consider to effectively manage organizational priorities and support policyholders moving forward.

Join our live webinar, hosted by DigIn, to learn:

  • The 6 new best practices that can keep premium collections consistent and help insurers meet evolving policyholder preferences.
  • How COVID-19 has altered the payment habits of policyholders.
  • Data that can help improve policyholder retention rates.

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Julie Schieni

Vice President, Insurance



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Jim Ericson

Consultant Editor, Emeritus


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