Transforming Policyholder Behavior with Frictionless Experiences


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If you could encourage any behavior from your policyholders, what habits would you want them to adopt? Whether you’re imagining consistently on-time premiums or stronger policyholder retention, believe it or not, your organization has the power to influence these behaviors and more.

Join our live webinar, hosted by Digital Insurance, to learn:

  • How insurers can strategically eliminate friction and drive ideal policyholder behaviors
  • What is the concept of “adding fuel” and why is it ineffective for driving business results?
  • Which engagement points insurers should maximize to conserve staff time, impress policyholders, and more


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Our expert speakers

julie-schieni (1)

Julie Schieni

Vice President, Insurance



jim-ericson (1)

Jim Ericson

Consultant Editor, Emeritus

Information Management