Modernizing Collections for Improved Efficiencies: digital payments as a force multiplier

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Are your billing and collections processes as efficient and streamlined as they could be?

Nearly 40 percent of local government respondents to a recent Center for Digital Government (CDG) survey said the average employee spends 10-20 hours a week on the phone related to billing and payments, with nearly 20 percent saying staff spends more than 3 hours a day just fielding billing and payment-related calls. Overwhelmingly, agencies are also spending time and funds to mail paper bills and take payments in person.

As local governments contend with new expectations from residents and more limitations due to the pandemic and budget shortfalls, there can be a disconnect between their priorities and the most direct route to accomplishing their goals: automation.

Join Invoice Cloud & Governing on as we discuss how local governments bill and collect payments, their organizational priorities, payment-related challenges and their plans looking ahead.

  • How to build and maintain satisfaction among local government employees and residents
  • Where to leverage automation for improved organizational efficiencies, like reduced call volumes and costs
  • How local governments are handling billing and collections moving into 2022



Our expert speaker


Patty Melton

Regional Director, Tax