Payments Trend to Biller Necessity: The Digital Wallet Revolution

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Digital wallets have quickly become an essential payment option for bill collection, across all industries. Accelerated by the global health situation, digital wallet adoption rose to 55% worldwide in 2020, and will reach 75% by 2025.

To reap the benefits of increased self-service payment adoption – like decreased call volumes, fewer in-person visits, happier customers and staff members, to name a few – billing organizations must offer the payment options consumers are using. And today, that means integrating mobile wallet options.

Join Invoice Cloud for a webinar that will overview everything you’ve ever wondered about mobile wallet, including:

  • What are mobile wallets and how do they work for collections
  • The benefits of digital wallets for billing organizations
  • The most popular digital wallets to offer for bill payments

Our expert speakers


Jessica Allen

Director of Product Marketing


Sara Faied

VP, Processing Transformation