The Utility CSAT Report: Improving customer satisfaction where it matters most

What’s Inside

Utilities see the impact of their customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores every day – for better, or for worse. Satisfaction determines everything from customer service call volumes to JD Power scores, and countless efficiencies in between.

To understand how service providers can improve and future-proof customer satisfaction scores, InvoiceCloud surveyed over 1,700 utility customers nationwide to identify potential areas of dissatisfaction. This research, in conjunction with third-party data, hopes to offer providers insights into where and how they can focus efforts to improve their all-important CSAT scores.

Download The Utility CSAT Report and you’ll learn:
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3 data-backed ways to improve the touchpoint respondents deemed “least satisfactory.” How strategically eliminating friction from the customer experience impacts CSAT scores. Which touchpoint along the customer journey respondents identified as their “most important” moment.