Use On-site Signage to Spur Online Payments

Use On-site Signage to Spur Online Payments

Published 10/5/23

You want to provide a good customer experience, but sometimes the sheer volume of people coming into your office to pay bills and conduct other transactions can make that a challenge. To encourage online payments rather than in-person payments, in-office signage can be a big help. But how do you do that?

Posters and Countertop

We’ve loaded many different types of customizable assets in the Marketing Resource Center (MRC): large-format posters (11 x 17) as well as mini-posters (8 ½ x 11). These pieces provide clear messaging and engaging graphics that effectively promote e-adoption. Place them on doors, bulletin boards, drop boxes, payment windows or other high-traffic sites such as community centers, public libraries, and more. Adding a QR code to these pieces makes accessing your payment portal page even easier for your customers.

Also in the MRC, we have countertop display signage, similar to the mini-poster, but has a designated area for placing take-away cards. Take-away cards are small business card-sized cards that contain pertinent payment information such as: pay by phone number (IVR), payment portal URL – and even a QR code. This combination effectively attracts customers’ attention and gives them something to take home as a reminder to enroll in your electronic billing and payment services. We even provide FREE acrylic stands to hold these items in an organized, attractive way on your payment counter.

Large format 11 x 17 poster


Counter sign



Takeaway card

Large scale banners

Consider a roll-up banner for your office lobby or even right at the payment counter. Walk-in visitors can’t miss the eye-catching graphic display encouraging online payments. While these are not available in the MRC, the customer marketing team is standing by to assist you with this type of display. Contact:

These and other ideas to encourage electronic payments can be found in our E-Toolkit booklet as well as in the MRC.

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