4 Benefits of a Strong Partner Network

Sam Evrard

When evaluating potential vendors for your organization – payments-related or otherwise – one important factor to take into consideration is their partner network. By that, we mean: which other software solutions can this vendor easily integrate with?

Here’s why this is so important. As an organization responsible for billing, you have likely invested a significant amount of time and resources in your current CIS/core billing software. You’ve spent time researching the tool, implementing it and training your staff on how to use it. For that reason alone, it would make sense that any new software solution you purchase should easily integrate with this core billing software. Otherwise, you may be creating unnecessary extra steps for your staff, or delays in the time it takes data to move from one software to another.

When it comes to online payment platforms, a strong partner network is essential for delivering the best biller and payer experience. Here are 4 key benefits of a strong partner ecosystem that prove it.

Benefits of an online payment partner ecosystem

1. Improved customer experience

Strong partnerships enable online payment providers and core billing systems to provide an enhanced customer experience through coordinated client support. This means your customers receive quick and effective issue resolution, every time. Beyond that, many integrations provide beneficial features, like single sign-on, that provide customers with a more integrated, seamless experience when paying their bills online.

2. Faster implementation time:

One of the key benefits of an established partnership between an online payment solution and a core billing system is a reduced implementation time. This lessens the burden on your internal IT teams and enables your organization to bring the new solution to your customers faster.

3. Improved accuracy and efficiency:

With real-time integrations between an online payment platform and a core billing system, data updates automatically. This means improved accuracy, no lost data, and less time your team needs to spend correcting manual errors.

4. Reliable, proven solutions:

When you select and online payment provider that has partnered with your existing core billing software, you’re receiving a solution that is optimized for your organization. The two software providers have worked together to ensure they are delivering the best possible customer experience and security to their clients.

Invoice Cloud’s partner network

Invoice Cloud focuses on delivering the most innovative solutions to our clients and their customers – which is made possible through the great partnerships and tight integrations we have with our CIS providers. Our integrations allow us to check customer balances and account statuses in real-time, so we’re only sending bill reminders to those customers who actually need them. This goes a long way toward improving the customer experience, and is only possible through a true, dynamic partnership that’s focused on delivering the best possible solutions in a timely, easy, and secure manner.

Invoice Cloud integrates with leading CIS/core billing software providers across multiple industries. To date, we have over 100 active partnerships and integrations, and we continue to grow this network. One of the keys to our effective integrations and robust partner network is our true SaaS solution. SaaS is a licensing and delivery model where software is developed exclusively for and in the cloud, and there is no on-premise equivalent. With SaaS, there is only one underlying base code for every client. Under this model, your software is always up to date with the latest features, as no changes to the code or data structure are required when new improvements are rolled out.

The reason a SaaS model is so important is that it lends itself to simple and straightforward integrations. Partners only have to learn one stack of code and don’t need to deal with endless customizations for every client. For your organization, this means a highly configurable and scalable solution that enables effortless enhancements and upgrades.

It had to do with the idea that what we do is so cutting edge and unique that we can’t do it without the

To learn more about Invoice Cloud’s existing partner network, check out our partner page. For more information about how Invoice Cloud can integrate with your core billing software provider to deliver an engaging customer experience, schedule a demo here.  

Sam Evrard

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