Employee Spotlight: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

InvoiceCloud Team

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! This month-long observance (from September 15 to October 15) offers us a unique opportunity to honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of our Hispanic and Latinx colleagues who bring their diverse talents, perspectives, and traditions to InvoiceCloud.

We chatted with Nina Garcia about how her Hispanic heritage has influenced her career and how she puts an emphasis on cultural traditions in her role at InvoiceCloud.

How has your Hispanic heritage influenced your career or role at InvoiceCloud?   

My daily decision-making is deeply influenced by my Hispanic heritage. Embracing a dual cultural identity empowers me to approach my career with empathy for individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. My proficiency in both English and Spanish broadens my capacity to connect with a wide range of people, making the world feel more accessible and inclusive. I hold a strong sense of pride in my Hispanic heritage, which equips me with the confidence and determination needed to pursue my future goals. 

Can you share a personal or professional achievement that you’re particularly proud of? 

Next year, I will proudly graduate with my doctorate degree in Learning and Organizational Change from Baylor University. Joining the ranks of Hispanic women with a doctorate degree is a rare achievement, with only 1% holding this distinction, and I am excited to be counted among them soon. 

What advice would you give to other employees who want to actively contribute to diversity and inclusion efforts within our organization? 

Studies indicate that serving as a mentor to underrepresented employees, offering guidance and support to facilitate their career advancement, can be highly beneficial. It’s worth considering taking on the role of a mentor who actively champions their career growth within the organization. It’s essential to set a leading example by consistently exhibiting inclusive behavior when interacting with colleagues. Be vigilant regarding your language, actions, and biases, ensuring that you model the behavior you aspire to see in others. Always keep in mind that promoting diversity and inclusion is a shared responsibility that demands continuous commitment from all employees. By actively engaging in these actions, you can significantly contribute to the cultivation of a more inclusive and equitable workplace.  

Are there any cultural traditions or practices from your background that you incorporate into your daily life or work? 

The Brownsville office has a predominantly Hispanic makeup, and collectively, we take pleasure in savoring our traditional holiday cuisine. Whether it’s the comforting taste of tamales in the winter or the delightful Rosca de Reyes in January, our traditions hold a special place in our hearts. We frequently indulge in pan dulce, which serves as a perfect breakfast snack or afternoon pick-me-up. On special occasions, we’re treated to a delightful surprise from Fernando Cavazos Covarrubias, Senior Software Engineer, who creates the most exquisite homemade conchas. Additionally, when large groups visit our Brownsville office, they eagerly anticipate our taquiza gatherings, featuring an array of treats such as tacos, refreshing aguas frescas, Mexican Coke, and an assortment of traditional Mexican candies. 

Thank you for sharing your perspective and experiences with us, Nina! If you’re interested in learning about joining the InvoiceCloud team, check out our open positions.

InvoiceCloud Team

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