Increased Customer Satisfaction with Simplified Payments: Client Story

Brian Melle

For most organizations, customer satisfaction levels are an area of constant focus. That’s because customer needs and expectations are constantly changing, and keeping up can be a challenge. It’s important, though, to always keep customer satisfaction and experience top of mind at your organization. A poor customer experience can lead to other organizational challenges down the line, such as increased staff workloads and slowed collections.

When it comes to managing customer expectations for online payments, billing organizations with high billing volumes tend to feel this pain more strongly than others. One way to address these challenges is by simplifying payments and providing an enhanced self-service user experience. This is the approach that the City of Roseville, California took. By working with Invoice Cloud to simplify the user experience, the City of Roseville received its highest ever customer satisfaction scores.

Challenges with self-service

The City of Roseville has a high number of utility bills every month. Without proper self-service functionality in place, their Customer Service Representatives were dealing with high call volumes and long wait times. While Roseville had an existing online payment platform in place, it provided an outdated and clunky user experience that led to:

  • Low e-payment adoption rates
  • Low customer satisfaction
  • Slowed collections due to limited customer communication tools
  • High costs associated with printing and mailing paper bills

Roseville had also recently implemented a new Customer Information System (CIS), so they needed an online payment platform that could seamlessly integrate with its customer self-service portal to simplify payments and address other challenges.

It was important to Roseville to select an online payment solution with a history of successful integrations. When it comes to online payment platforms, a strong partnership ecosystem is important, because it enables faster implementation times and ensures a more unified customer experience between the CIS/core billing platform and the online payment portal.

Improving customer satisfaction

Roseville recognized the importance of improving the user experience to drive up online payments. While many online payment platforms have similar features and functionality, the differentiator is a solution’s ability to consistently engage customers throughout the payment route to encourage enrollment in services like AutoPay and paperless billing. These services are what enable real cost savings and operational efficiencies, because they lead customers to self-serve more and rely on your staff less.

Invoice Cloud’s platform drives 2-3x the industry average e-payment adoption rates by simplifying the user experience and engaging customers. By partnering with Invoice Cloud, Roseville quickly saw a number of improvements, including:

  • Increased self-service and higher customer satisfaction due to a superior user experience, expanded payment options, and a simplified user enrollment process.
  • Improved operational efficiencies due to reduced call center volume
  • Higher adoption and on-time payments through ongoing customer engagement touchpoints and targeted marketing emails
  • Decreased print and mail costs as a result of higher paperless adoption

The key factor in driving results for Roseville was the improved user experience of their new online payment platform. By simplifying payments, Roseville was able to drive up customer satisfaction to create real results for the organization such as decreased call center and walk-in volumes and decreased print and mail costs.

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Brian Melle

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