Mount Pleasant Waterworks Saves 15 Hours a Week with Frictionless Digital Payment Solution: Client Story

Brian Melle

Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW), a South Carolina water and wastewater utility serving a population of 95,000, was struggling with an antiquated online payment system that impacted multiple aspects of its organization. Namely, the difficult-to-navigate interface caused a cumbersome payment process, resulting in a frustrating experience for MPW’s customers and increased workloads for its staff – a cycle that was exhausting internal resources.

To conserve staff time while increasing self-service adoption and customer satisfaction, MPW began the search for a frictionless digital payment solution that could offer the seamless, customer-centric experience it lacked.

Outdated payment system increases workload

MPW customers were growing increasingly frustrated with the limited payment options and difficult user experience offered by their utility provider. Barriers throughout the customer journey (i.e., unnecessary login walls) coupled with a complicated user experience were increasing MPW’s volume of past-due bills, adding even more work for its staff.

The utility provider needed a solution that would simplify its payment process and actively engage its customers, hopefully increasing customer satisfaction. The objective was to decrease friction when making payments or enrolling in self-service options, increase cost-saving behaviors, and free up staff time to work on more impactful projects.

To accomplish all this and more, MPW chose InvoiceCloud as their next digital billing and payment solution.

Seamless integration saves staff time

After selecting InvoiceCloud, Mount Pleasant Waterworks was able to see additional time-saving benefits as a result of InvoiceCloud’s seamless integration with MPW’s existing CIS and customer self-service portal, Harris Advanced Utility Systems.

By reducing time-consuming tasks like reconciliations and return notifications, the joint offering saved MPW staff 15 hours a week in payment-related workloads.

Frictionless digital payment solution improves efficiencies

MPW set out to offer an easier customer experience that would encourage self-service, and the frictionless design of InvoiceCloud’s digital billing and payment solution was able to accomplish just that. Since implementing InvoiceCloud, MPW has seen a 72% increase in electronic payment adoption as well as a 44% increase in AutoPay enrollment.

“InvoiceCloud’s user-friendly solution improved customer engagement, making payments more convenient,” said Kelly Rourk, Mount Pleasant Waterworks Customer Service Process and Data Analyst. “As a result, we’ve seen a rise in digital adoption and self-service rates enabling us to scale back lobby hours and focus on other priorities like our Customer Care program.”

To learn more about Mount Pleasant’s experience with InvoiceCloud, check out a recent case study here.

Brian Melle

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