Encouraging Self-Service Payments with AgentConnect

Steve Schult

Driving more billers to self-service payment methods (also known as electronic adoption or e-adoption) is one of the most effective ways for billing organizations to enhance employee productivity, save funds, thrill customers, and more. But a new problem tends to arise from this welcome increase in adoption: how can billers still support those independent customers choosing to pay online? 

InvoiceCloud billers have an easy answer: AgentConnect, an InvoiceCloud solution which enables insurance agents and customer service representatives to simply and securely make payments (and more) on their customers’ behalf. 

Let’s dive into a more detailed look at what billing organizations can accomplish with the power of AgentConnect. 

What is AgentConnect? 

InvoiceCloud’s AgentConnect API allows agents to securely and remotely log in as a bill payer and perform actions on their behalf, thereby simplifying the payment process and assuring more consistent, on-time payments for the biller. 

Agents can act on behalf of customers to make payments, change account settings, and much more. Best of all, this functionality provides the opportunity to enroll customers in services like automatic payments (AutoPay), paperless billing, or auto renewal. This not only reduces future call volumes, but it also increases the number of on-time payments your organization can expect each cycle. 

Here’s how it works – agents securely log in to the InvoiceCloud platform via a unique URL, then are routed into the customer’s account. From there, they are given functionality to take action while all of their activity is tracked and logged, including: 

  • Making a payment 
  • Registering a user for AutoPay, paperless billing, or auto renewal 
  • Updating payment information 
  • Paying multiple bills at once for multiple people 
  • Sending customers a direct payment link via text or email 

Plus, AgentConnect is as secure as it is functional. The solution now comes complete with optional Agent Authorization, an agreement that must be acknowledged before an agent can act on behalf of the customer’s account, providing an added level of oversight for user activity. Billers also have access to full audit logging, which logs any actions the agent performs in the biller portal (i.e. logins, payment actions, changes to AutoPay, paperless, pay by text, and saved payments). 

How does AgentConnect drive self-service payments for billers? 

Digital bill payment methods are more in-demand than ever before, and savvy billers have realized that offering more self-service payment options (online payment portals, AutoPay, etc.) is not only more convenient for customers, but is hugely beneficial for their organization. 

For billers, increasing e-adoption typically means: 

  • Fewer payment-related calls and in-person visits 
  • Reduced mailed-in payments 
  • Saved organizational funds 
  • More productive and satisfied employees 
  • Increased customer satisfaction from an enhanced user experience, and more. 

But even as e-payment adoption grows – bringing with it this slew of organizational benefits – new challenges also arise. For instance, what happens when payers choosing to self-serve need help during the payment process? They’re likely to contact your office, or worse, skip the payment altogether. This is incredibly counterproductive, since the point of driving customers to self-service routes is to save employee time and assure consistent collections. 

That’s where AgentConnect comes in, to guarantee InvoiceCloud’s payment solution is actively helping billing organization become as efficient as possible. Using AgentConnect can: 

  • Decrease late and delinquent payments 
  • Improve collection efficiencies for agents 
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Simplify payments for a better user experience 
  • Increase electronic payment adoption 

AgentConnect is ready to serve your entire customer base, and with no implementation costs, it’s easy to add on for existing InvoiceCloud customers. 

Ready to see AgentConnect in action? Schedule a call with one of our product experts right here to see how AgentConnect works for yourself! 

Steve Schult

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