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Video: How Ellington Mutual is Meeting Today’s Customer Expectations

Brian Melle

customer expectations

Ellington Mutual has been meeting its customers’ insurance needs for nearly 150 years — the last thing its team wanted was for modern expectations to put the organization out of touch. Outdated billing and payment technology in particular was causing issues for customers and internal operations alike, creating a cycle of confusion, higher costs, more work for employees.

We were thrilled to sit down with Howard Schwartz, President and CEO of Ellington Mutual, to hear how the InvoiceCloud solution helped his organization to meet the needs of today’s insurance customers while scaling for future integrations and next-generation capabilities.

Want to learn more about how InvoiceCloud helped Ellington Mutual see these incredible results? You can always set up a no-obligation, 30-minute call with our team to share your billing and payment struggles and hear how we can help.

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