The Long-Reaching Impact of Paperless Adoption

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In today’s digital age, the transition to paperless billing and the ongoing effort to drive paperless adoption is not just a convenience but a crucial step toward sustainability and efficiency. With Earth Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how we can reduce our environmental footprint while streamlining our processes.

Paperless billing, the act of opting out of traditional paper bills sent via snail mail, is becoming increasingly popular among consumers and businesses alike. Not only does it save resources and costs, but it also aligns with modern consumer expectations for convenient and eco-friendly transactions.

The Impact of InvoiceCloud’s Paperless Billing System

InvoiceCloud is proud to be a part of the paperless billing revolution with our seamless digital payment and billing solution. On average, our customers witness a substantial uptick in paperless billing, starting at approximately 12.18% in the first year and soaring by a remarkable 48.2% from the first to the twelfth month. These numbers speak volumes about the InvoiceCloud solution’s effectiveness in encouraging users to make the switch to paperless billing.

To quantify the environmental impact of our paperless initiatives, the InvoiceCloud team utilized the Environmental Paper Network’s Paper Calculator to create a paperless dashboard. This tool allows us to track the number of trees and other resources saved by transitioning to digital billing methods, providing tangible evidence of our contribution to environmental conservation.

paperless impact

Aside from the environmental benefits, going paperless also translates to significant cost savings. With an estimated $1.15 per bill (including paper and envelope costs), InvoiceCloud saved customers a staggering $45 million in the last 12 months alone.

Leading the Way: InvoiceCloud’s Top Paperless Adopters

InvoiceCloud’s solution would be nothing without our customers! Our paperless adopters serve as inspiring examples of organizations committed to sustainability and innovation. Through their proactive embrace of digital billing solutions, these trailblazing businesses have not only streamlined their operations but also made significant contributions to environmental conservation.

Below are a few of our biggest adopters and the total percentage of their customer base that is currently enrolled in paperless billing:

  1. City of Evanston, IL: 38%
  2. Town of Brownsburg, IN: 48%
  3. Town of Windsor, CO: 58%
  4. Frank Crum Insurance Company: 76%

Frank Winston Crum Insurance (FWCI), our current leader in paperless adoption, needed a digital payment solution capable of a seamless integration with its core billing software to modernize premium payments. In their quest for a payment provider, they turned to InvoiceCloud and, since implementation, FWCI has reaped benefits including an enhanced customer experience, real-time data exchange, and incredible rates of paperless adoption.

To learn more about FWCI’s implementation of InvoiceCloud and see their full results, check out the case study here.

InvoiceCloud Team

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