The Results of Truckee Meadows’ Successful Paperless Billing Adoption Campaign

Brian Melle

Paperless billing adoption (the option to receive a bill digitally) has become an increasingly popular self-service option in recent years, with benefits for billing organizations, the planet, and optimal convenience for customers. Digitizing bill delivery can help businesses reduce print and mail costs, save time spent on manual tasks (i.e. stuffing envelopes) and, on a larger scale, reduce an organization’s environmental impact.

In fact, a survey by Javelin Strategy and Research found that if all households in the U.S. switched to paperless billing, the country would save 16.5 million trees each year, reduce air pollutants by 3.9 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents, and reduce solid waste by 1.6 billion pounds. Check out this video to learn how InvoiceCloud is doing its part to create a more sustainable future by driving higher rates of paperless billing and digital payments.

Read on to learn how Truckee Meadows Water Authority saved time, money, and paper with their “Paperless Opt Out” campaign from InvoiceCloud.

Truckee Meadows saves with InvoiceCloud paperless opt-out campaign

Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA), a not-for-profit, community-owned water utility, was struggling to stabilize rates and improve internal operations with separate vendors for each of its payment channels. These disparate systems created additional workloads for TMWA’s employees and a frustrating experience for its 135,000 customers.

TMWA needed an end-to-end digital engagement and payment platform with a cohesive user experience across all digital channels and required a true SaaS platform to stay ahead of the evolving digital payments landscape. They chose InvoiceCloud, as their platform offered everything they needed and more to:

  • Remove friction in the payment process with an innovative, customer-centric payment experience
  • Streamline all payment channels under one solution for more manageable workloads, and a better payment experience
  • Run campaigns to auto-enroll customers in paperless billing to offset rising postage costs

After a smooth integration with the InvoiceCloud team, TMWA began to see the benefits of their frictionless, streamlined digital engagement and payment system, including:

  • $160,000 (and growing!) annual savings in print and mail costs, exceeding their projected savings of $123,000
  • Enrolled over 17,000 customers to paperless billing in about 3 months. Today, over 36,000 TMWA customers are enrolled.

Marci Westlake, Customer Service Manager for TMWA, is thrilled with the results so far, and is seeing an increase in customer satisfaction.

“Ultimately, the savings InvoiceCloud is helping us realize with our paperless campaign will help our team stabilize rates in a world of rising costs. Our customers are pleased when we tell them this will keep TMWA from passing increased print and mail costs onto them.”

Truckee Meadows Water Authority Stabilizes Rates with Stellar Digital Payment Experience

The Paperless Savings Calculator

Our digital engagement and payment solution removes friction in the payment process. It delivers a user-friendly payment experience to increase enrollment in services like paperless bill pay, and thereby increase savings so your organization can focus on more impactful projects.

Stories like Truckee Meadows’ aren’t unrealistic — check out our Paperless Savings Calculator to calculate the savings you could realize if more of your customers enrolled in paperless billing.

Brian Melle

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