Water Authority Stabilizes Rates with Stellar Digital Payment Experience: Client Story 

Brian Melle

Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA), a not-for-profit, community-owned water utility in Reno, Nevada, was struggling to stabilize rates and streamline its complicated internal processes. Separate vendors for each of its payment channels created additional workloads for the TMWA team and a frustrating digital payment experience for its 135,000 customers. 

To decrease operational costs, stabilize water rates, and improve inefficiencies caused by these disparate systems, TMWA needed an end-to-end digital engagement and payment platform with a cohesive user experience across all its channels. 

Separate payment vendors cause confusion and inefficiency 

The water authority’s disjointed payment channels created noticeable friction for customers trying to pay their bills, stoking frustrations around the poor user experience and their limited options; the outdated platforms lacked many of the intuitive, modern payment routes today’s customers expect. 

Increasingly regular process disruptions and labor-intensive backend processes were exasperating staff, causing operational costs to rise, and impacting rates. The poor payment experience even caused a spike in customer service calls, forcing TMWA’s staff to spend hours each day explaining their digital payment options. 

Frictionless digital payment experience stabilizes rates 

After just a year with InvoiceCloud’s frictionless, streamlined payment solution, the Truckee Meadows Water Authority team saw a drastic improvement in self-service rates, customer satisfaction, and much more. One significant result has been a 4x increase in paperless billing enrollment, largely due to Truckee Meadows’ strategic use of InvoiceCloud’s SaaS deployment model

“Ultimately, the benefit of InvoiceCloud is helping us realize that increasing cost-saving behaviors like paperless and AutoPay enrollments helps our team stabilize rates in a world of rising costs,” said Marci Westlake, Customer Service Manager at TMWA. “Our customers are pleased when we tell them this will keep us from passing increased print and mail costs on to them.” 

As a result of working with InvoiceCloud to see this level of adoption, TMWA has saved 25 hours a month in staff workloads and $145k annually in print and mail costs! 

To learn more about Truckee Meadows Water Authority and their success with InvoiceCloud’s digital engagement and payment solution, download the full case study here.  

Brian Melle

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