Bona Vista Water District Improves Staff Productivity: Client Story

Brian Melle

The Bona Vista Water District of Utah began in 1956 as a special service district. Today, the district serves roughly 9,000 accounts and continues to grow at a rapid pace. This acceleration means that rates for in-person and mailed-in payments have significantly increased, and so has the district’s need for a new electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) platform. 

Due to its high growth rate, Bona Vista was forced to hire additional staff to handle a spike in calls and in-person visits — but, despite its expanded team, staff productivity still suffered. All available time was spent fielding payment-related issues and managing calls around shutoffs due to non-payment. 

In order to scale and keep up with customer demands, the district sought an online payment solution that could easily integrate with its existing system and offer easy-to-use, self-service options for all customers. 

Limited reporting functionality spurs technical difficulties  

Aside from the overwhelming volume of manual payments and inquiries, the district faced a number of other issues including:

This last challenge, in particular, hindered any insight into enrollment rates for automatic payments (AutoPay) or paperless billing, led to frequent technical difficulties, and presented concerns around data security and compliance. 

It was clear the district needed an EBPP solution that could help employees keep up with its influx of work and provide a more robust reporting functionality. 

Enhanced self-service offerings solve collection challenges 

After exploring options, choosing InvoiceCloud was an easy decision. Bona Vista was excited to offer its customers an enhanced payment experience that would simultaneously enable its employees to focus on higher-priority organizational projects. InvoiceCloud’s EBPP solution offered Bona Vista everything they were looking for and more, including: 

  • More robust reporting functionalities 
  • A variety of self-service, omni-channel payment offerings, including pay-by-text 
  • Customer access to statements and payment options without login information 
  • SaaS technology that reduced server issues and kept the payment solution continuously updated

For Bona Vista Water District’s Office Manager, Marci Doolan, the switch to InvoiceCloud was a game-changer. 

“InvoiceCloud solved our greatest collections challenges by enhancing the user experience for both customers and staff,” she said. “Payment-related calls dropped 20% in just 6 months, leading to increased employee morale and the ability to focus on other high priority projects we had been unable to get to.” 

With satisfied customers and happier employees, the district was now able to turn its attention to more critical matters.  

E-billing and payments boost staff productivity 

Bona Vista saw a number of benefits after implementing InvoiceCloud — most notably, a $1,500 savings in print and mail expenses. Additionally, the district was able to maximize collections efficiencies with a user-friendly platform, increase staff productivity, and deliver continuously secure and up-to-date technology with the power of InvoiceCloud’s SaaS technology. Other improvements included: 

  • Increased online payments and higher e-adoption rates 
  • Decreased payment-related call volumes 
  • Streamlined operational efficiencies with improved reporting 
  • Seamless and secure integration with their existing billing software 

With a top-tier EBPP solution from InvoiceCloud, Bona Vista Water District is now able to embrace its growth without neglecting employee morale or customer satisfaction. To learn more about Bona Vista’s successful implementation with InvoiceCloud, download the full case study below. 

Brian Melle

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