Convert AutoPay Payers to Paperless to Reduce Costs

Published 3/8/23

Your organization is likely always looking for ways to increase efficiency and lower costs. More customers adopting paperless billing is one area you can focus on to reduce expenses. While encouraging paperless billing is a great way to steadily decrease the costs of paper bills, what do you do if you’re looking to make a quicker impact?

 Give your Paperless Enrollment a Big Boost

Automatically converting your AutoPay payers to paperless billing is a great way to quickly boost your paperless adoption and directly combat the increased cost of paper bills. We’ve found that AutoPay payers are likely amenable to other self-service features, such as paperless billing. In fact, because most AutoPay payers adopt the “set it and forget it” mindset, many don’t even bother opening mailed bills.

Payers who wish to continue receiving paperless bills can easily opt back in through their payer portal, though we’ve found the overwhelming majority of converted payers choose to continue with the convenience of paperless billing.

If you’re interested in decreasing your mailed invoice budget by converting AutoPay payers to paperless, submit a ticket through your biller portal to our customer support team.

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