The Best of Both Worlds

Last February, Invoice Cloud acquired Metropolitan Communications, LLC (MCC), a municipal e-solution company located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Since then, efforts have been put towards two major tasks, which include transitioning MCC clients to the Invoice Cloud platform and providing an MCC offering on the Invoice Cloud platform called Bill Processor. This change has produced a service that is the “best of both worlds” for ALL clients.

MCC Client Transition

Some MCC clients have already begun to experience the advantages of Invoice Cloud’s highest adopting Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) solution. Clients that have moved to the EBPP platform are largely benefiting from features such as multiple email and text reminders, daily balance updates, mobile payments, account linking and automated file uploads to name a few. Though the transition is still underway, the excitement and buzz amongst MCC clients is palpable. Two add-on (no additional cost to client) services that have gained a great deal of interest are IVR (pay by phone) and Pay by Text. Prior to the acquisition, these services were not available to MCC clients but having these options now, along with greater functionality, has been a huge hit.

Bill Processor Add-On

Invoice Cloud is thrilled to be introducing a new add-on service called Bill Processor for the Invoice Cloud platform in early 2017. The Bill Processor service was developed by MCC to automate the exchange of real estate tax data between a municipal tax office and tax servicing companies. Real Estate tax data can be uploaded through the Biller Portal and made available under the Bill Processor portal. Tax payment information can then be remitted/uploaded back through the same channel to update the collection system.

Regardless of size or need, lawyers, banks, mortgage companies, tax service agencies, etc. can perform individual account searches, utilize an online portfolio to manage tax accounts and create payment remittances to send back to tax offices. With Invoice Cloud’s reach and client base, tax servicing companies will have access to 100’s of municipal real estate tax files across the country, creating a one-stop-shop for their tax processing needs.

We are putting the finishing touches on this new offering and can’t wait to begin showing all of our municipal tax clients how this service can help streamline collections, reduce phone calls from tax services and decrease manual processes.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bill Processor service before its official release, please reach out to Anita Peterson at or 781-353-2478.