Creating a Seamless POS Experience with Cloud POS Connect

Our recently launched Cloud POS Connect application makes it easier for billers to take card payments over-the-counter by enabling their third-party POS (point-of-sale) application to run secure payment transactions through Invoice Cloud. Cloud POS Connect serves as the connection between the two applications and was developed to improve efficiency and the overall POS experience by utilizing one application to process payments.

When customers choose to pay with a credit card at the counter, the biller can have them swipe their card and their payment information will transfer to Invoice Cloud and the billing software. From the customer standpoint, it is the typical process of swiping their card and receiving a receipt.

What Is Cloud POS Connect?

Cloud POS Connect is a Windows® application that is installed and run on the biller’s POS workstation and can be used with the MagTek® IPAD swipe device and soon the SREDKey™ device for credit card processing.

How Does Cloud POS Connect Work?

The biller locates the customer’s invoice or selects the appropriate Cloud Store item to pay and selects the “swipe” option on the payment screen. A dialog box will appear to prompt the customer to swipe their card. Then, the relevant information will be passed securely to Invoice Cloud and will populate on the processing screen. From there the transaction can be reviewed and processed. A receipt can be emailed and/or printed.

Ready to Learn More?

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