From Counter to Computer – Converting In-Person Payers to Online Payers

For Invoice Cloud clients who accept payments in the office, converting customers who habitually pay their open invoices in-person to online payers is often a priority. Moderate to heavy foot traffic can impact the daily operations of an office, sometimes requiring staff to split time between their “normal” duties and covering the payment area so there’s a need to move customers away from paying in-person. However, from a marketing perspective, there is an advantage to having payers physically in the office; a visit from a customer is the perfect opportunity for them to be exposed to more information about online bill pay and for staff to promote and recommend the electronic payment options available (online, phone, text).

The first step in counter to computer conversions is having visible marketing pieces around the area where payments are made. We recommend displaying posters that highlight online payment in an acrylic stand and placing it on the payment counter or window. In addition to displaying the posters, the acrylic stand Invoice Cloud offers clients has a spot for take-away cards. Take-away cards are business card size pieces of paper or cardstock that include information about online bill pay, such as the client’s web address, pay by phone number (if applicable) and a few features of online bill pay.

When a customer arrives at the window or counter to pay their bill, the staff member processing the payment should recommend online bill pay for the customer’s next payment, while referencing the poster, and hand the customer a take-away card to bring home. This interaction will give the payer an opportunity to discuss any hesitations they might have with making online payments and the staff member assisting them can answer their questions and help influence their move online. If there isn’t interest in going online, alternative options like Pay by Phone and Pay by Text can be suggested to save them a trip.

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