Spring Is a Time for Change

Spring is the season for new growth in nature, and this year it is the time when Invoice Cloud is investing in major upgrades to our information technology systems.

As our name says, we have always been a cloud-based company. As the cloud grows and changes, so do the services and the capabilities of the cloud infrastructure providers. We will be moving most of our processing to a new provider that will better enable us to grow, provide new and innovative services quickly, and continue to provide top notch security.

As our customer requirements change and the payment space evolves, our new provider will enable us to be even more agile and scale to meet our customers’ needs. It will also allow us to simplify critical aspects of our business such as business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our new provider also offers new layers of security that we can take advantage of to protect our systems and data. One of the advantages is the ability to isolate our customers’ data on the back end, which creates yet another layer between hackers and the critical data they would like to steal. In the middle ages they would have open fields, then a moat and finally, high walls around their castles. These were early examples of a layered approach to security. Today, we build layers with firewalls, application firewalls, anti-malware systems, strong authentication and data encryption to protect critical information.

Look for new innovative products and services in the future as we take advantage of the cutting-edge capabilities that our new provider offers.