Client Survey Feedback Report

Each year, we ask our clients to complete a short survey. We use the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) system to evaluate our overall success in serving our clients. We are pleased to report that our score has increased again this year which means we’re treating our clients well and delivering on expectations most of the time. There is always room for improvement and we’re committed to getting better every day. Below is a snapshot of Invoice Cloud’s NPS data. We included an article about Net Promoter Scores in our previous issue of Cloudburst, which can be read here.


While we love getting this great score, some of the most impactful results come from client comments and suggestions for improvement. This report captures those issues that apply to many or all clients so that we can share helpful information or provide clarity.

Comments received by topic area:

  • Communication – 33% (9% positive)
  • Product related – 24%
  • Changes to account/service set ups by Client Support – 11%
  • Billing software integrations – 11%
  • Requests for additional services – 5%
  • Fee (payer) related questions – 5%
  • Training – 4%

Communication Improvements

We heard you on the need for communication improvement, here’s what we’ve done:

  1. Added new staff members to the Client Services team, including: Biller Support Supervisor, Payer Support Supervisor, Reconciliation Specialist, and two Biller Support Representatives.
  2. Updated our phone system to provide direct extensions for your dedicated Biller Support Representatives.
  3. Improved escalation path for quality assurance and assistance during high-level issues. A reference document for this process was sent as a service update on August 15th, however, here is the route to follow:

2nd Tier Support/Escalation – Katie O’Connell, Biller Support Supervisor
Direct #: 781-353-2461  Email:

3rd Tier Support/Escalation – Brett Hyman, Client Services Manager
Direct #: 781-353-2441  Email:

4th Tier Support/Escalation – Deborah Bowler, VP, Operations
Direct #: 781-353-2457  Email:

Too Many Calls from Payers

If payers are calling in to make payments or ask question about making payments, here are a few ideas that can reduce the number of those calls.

No Additional Cost Options:

Offer Pay by Phone (IVR – Interactive Voice Response) – If online technology is challenging some of your payers, offer them an automated phone option to make payments. It’s simple, they just follow the prompts and the payments are included in your biller portal reports.

Activate the built-in payer request feature – Your biller portal can capture and track payer inquiries for you. Many people prefer entering a ticket to picking up the phone and you can respond at the best time for your schedule.

Paid Service Option:

We can provide direct payer support and answer phone calls on your behalf. There are additional fees for this service, but we would be happy to evaluate your call levels and see if it is a cost effective option for you.

To find out more or add one of these options, contact Kevin Moon at 781-353-2416 or

What Happens When Clients Make Product or Service Suggestions

A few clients expressed frustration about product enhancements and customizations they requested. We understand their desire to make changes that would better fit the way they use our services. And, we really like getting those requests because often we can make changes that improve the service for all clients. One of the most important features of the Invoice Cloud service is that it is SaaS (Software as a Service) which means no lengthy upgrades for clients because there is only one code to update and maintain. It also means that support times are faster because the system is the same, though we do have many optional features that billers can choose from. The downside is that not all changes are possible.

We do go through a process for each enhancement requested and thought sharing it would help our clients know that we are listening. When a request comes in, here’s what happens:

  1. A HelpDesk ticket is created
  2. The Client Support Rep sees that it is an enhancement and creates an IT Request (ITR)
  3. The ITR contains the following data:

• IC CHAMPION: IC Staff Member
• URL for request samples (screenshots/reports, etc.): ALL REQUESTS REQUIRE SAMPLE DOCUMENTATION
• Does the IC Champion feel this is a great change?  – Yes/No
• How many customers have requested this change? – Applicable #
• Would the general user base be excited by this change? – Yes/No
• Would the customer like a quote for this change? – Yes/No

  1. The ITR is reviewed by the multi-disciplinary Product Committee
  2. ITR is either approved and added to the product road map or declined

Training Options

We received some requests for additional training. To request a training session, please submit a HelpDesk ticket and a member of our Training team will contact you.

Payment Options

A few clients expressed interest in having more options for payment processors and forms of payment, like PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal is expensive for billers and we want to keep the costs as low as possible for our clients. We are in the process of evaluating payment options for cash-based consumers and hope to have an offering in 2017. Kiosks are available today for cash-based consumers if your volumes are high enough to justify the expense.

If you have an unresolved issue

If you have questions about a topic covered in this report or have an unresolved issue, please call us at 901-737-8686 or email