New Training Videos Available

Training on a new system is particularly important in the beginning, but can also be useful at a later time as a refresher or for new staff. We recently updated several of our training videos and created two new videos, one for the Customer Experience and one for the Biller Portal, that we wanted to share with you. The new videos are:

The Customer Experience – A demonstration of the entire customer’s experience (i.e. One-time Pay, Account Registration, Account Linking and Managing the Customer Portal).

The Biller Portal – A demonstration of the Biller Portal functionality and features available to users.

These can be easily accessed from the Biller Portal under Support > Documentation / APIs > Training Documentation and can be viewed anytime at the user’s convenience from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The Training Documentation site currently includes ten training videos in addition to other training documents. The videos can be viewed by clicking on the title or by clicking on the “More Options” button to download the video, which may result in better viewing quality.