Client Survey Feedback is Important

We’re making changes based on your feedback to our annual client survey.

In this article:

  • Comments Received by Topic Area
  • Communication and Support
  • Product Comments
  • Fees
  • Training
  • If you have an unresolved issue

We use the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) system to evaluate our overall success in serving our clients. Our NPS score increased slightly this year from 60 to 61. Below is a snapshot of Invoice Cloud’s 2018 NPS data.

Comments Received by Topic Area

Client comments and suggestions help us target areas of improvement. This report captures those issues that apply to many or all clients so that we can share helpful information or provide clarity. Communications/Support, Product and Happy notes continue to be the largest topic areas. This year, product requests and fee comments increased the most, while billing software integration and training comments decreased significantly.

Topic 2018 2017 2016
Communications/support 25% (2% positive) 24% (4% positive) 33% (9% positive)
Product related 35% 27% 24%
Changes to account/service set ups by Client Support 5% 8% 11%
Billing software integrations 5% 13% 11%
Requests for additional services 2% 4% 5%
Fee (payer) related questions 9% 3% 5%
Training 1% 4% 4%
Happy notes 17% 17% 22%


Communication and Support

Last year, we had growing pains that impacted our ability to provide the superior service we strive to attain. Consequently, this year our support staff grew by another 16% (33% in 2017) and we invested in our internal training programs.

Thirty-five percent (down from 50% last year) of the support comments were about slow responses. We have improved our ticket close rates by 64% but still have room for improvement. One of the suggestions from last year was to call clients about issues rather than relying on email via the helpdesk system. We need to continue to utilize the helpdesk system to maintain a record of support but when we look at the method of communication used on helpdesk tickets, many clients choose telephone as their method of contact when submitting their helpdesk ticket.

There were also several comments about being more proactive. For instance sharing our product roadmap, communicating about upcoming system changes and sending contact information periodically. We are putting in a self-service, web-based Product Request system that allows the Billers to submit product requests online and provide ranking on which are most important to them. It allows the community to see what features are important to other users as well. We expect to have it running by 4/1/2019.

We have been making an effort to communicate frequently about upcoming changes, for instance the removal of support for TLS 1.0 to maintain industry standards. We sent 16 Service Updates and placed 5 posts on the biller portal to promote awareness. We also hosted an open conference where clients had the opportunity to ask questions about it.

In addition, we have added the expanded escalation path for quality assurance and assistance during high-level issues to your Biller Portal, under customer support. Please ask for a copy of your “Support Team Sheet” so you know who your dedicated team members are.

Product Comments

Listed below are some of the product suggestions that were received this year. We appreciate these suggestions and will continue to use your suggestions to improve Invoice Cloud’s product offerings.


Create a better way to collect donations.


Allow billers to edit language on public facing web pages, change the layout of information lookups and not have so many hard coded sections.

Just this month, we’ve opened up the email titles for first, second, and third notification emails as well as AutoPay notifications. Where feasible, we will continue to increase text editing options.

Product Enhancements

Provide caller id information for IVR payments in the data file that is submitted to billers.

Show overdue invoices, pay by and disconnect dates on the locate invoice screen without having to view the bill pdf. Also include this information on email notifications.

Improve the reconciliation process of OBD (Online Bank Direct) – electronic deposit of bank generated checks.

ACH Rejects

Improve the instructions and examples for EFT routing and account number input. Customers enter numbers based on what the picture shows, even if their real account number has more or fewer digits.


Enhance reporting features including canned monthly and year to date reports and more than one month of activity on the dashboard.


The comments regarding fees centered in two areas. First, reducing the service fees so that more customers use the service. Marketing and promotion can help overcome the fee barrier. The convenience of paying online usually outweighs the fee once your customer experiences it. Your IC marketing team is happy to help with promotion ideas and content to get your customers to try it.

Second, ensuring that backend processors and banks are charging fees correctly. We had several instances this year where issues occurred and we are working with the processor to minimize or eliminate the potential for future issues.


We attribute the decline in training comments to the changes made in the training area. This year we were pleased to welcome Nancy Ripley as our Training Director. Under her direction, we’ve added a new training registration system that has been put into place to provide a consistent approach to training with calendar reminders and training surveys to closely monitor client feedback.  We have built additional self-paced e-learnings for anytime training on demand as another option for training. We host regularly scheduled live training sessions in the following areas: The Consumer Experience, The Biller Experience, Reconciliation, Cloud Store and Cloud Pay. View courses and register through our training portal at:

If you would like to request a live training session, please submit a HelpDesk ticket and a member of our Training team will contact you.

If you have an unresolved issue

If you have questions about a topic covered in this report or have an unresolved issue, please call us at 901-737-8686 or email


Thanks to all of you who responded to the annual survey – it has a direct impact on our ability to innovate customer experience.