Mobile Phone Security

Today, most people are carrying smartphones, but they don’t think about how sensitive the data stored on it is and how to keep it secure. Modern cell phones have thousands of times the processing power and storage of the computers that took our astronauts to the moon.

This is great for us to run the work and personal apps that power our modern life, but not so good for security. That smartphone is more like your laptop computer than the old landline phone you had in your house.

Think about the data that is stored on the device that would be useful to thieves. It could include credit card data stored in banking and shopping apps, sensitive corporate data or pictures of your wild Cancun trip in college.

You need to think about protecting your cell phone just like you do your desktops and laptops.

Here are some ways to keep your mobile phone secure:

  • Install an anti-virus/anti-malware application from a reputable source and keep it up to date.
  • Activate a password to access the device such as a hard to guess PIN.
  • Don’t install applications from untrusted sources. That game sounds fun, but the reason that it is free is because they are going to make their money from selling your personal information.
  • Install updates to the phone as soon as they are released.

Follow these simple steps and you will have the best chance to keep your information safe.