Client Services Q&A

How do I regain access to the Biller Portal after my account is locked?
Users can regain access in two ways: by resetting their password or by having the administrator unlock the user in the Biller Portal. With the first method, the locked user will select the “Click here to reset your password” option on the login screen and follow the prompts to complete the process to unlock their account. The alternative is to have the administrator log in to the Biller Portal and go to Utilities > User Management. From here, locate the user, click on the magnifying glass icon and then uncheck the “Locked” box and save changes. The user should be able to login.

How do I add a user or edit user permissions?
The administrator can quickly add a user in the Biller Portal by going to Utilities > User Management, clicking on the Add New User link in the upper right and entering the new user’s information (be sure to check the Active box). To edit users’ permissions, the administrator can go to the User Management page and click on the blue padlock icon to Manage Permissions. Then, the list of categories can be expanded and the Active box can be checked or unchecked for each.

How do I determine if a customer received an email notification?
In the Biller Portal under Data Management, select Search Customers, enter the customer’s information to locate the customer profile and click on the Edit Customer Profile icon. Then click on the Email History tab and select the notification type you are looking for. An alternative is to select the Email Tracking option under Data Management and enter the customer’s information to see a list of emails that went to that customer.