Pay by Text is Being Added for All Clients

It’s no surprise that text messaging continues to increase and with its huge popularity comes more opportunity, such as the ability to pay a bill. Our Pay by Text feature offers customers the convenience of receiving text notifications about their bill which can then be paid with a text message reply if a default payment method is set up. Many of our clients have been using Pay by Text for months and have been pleased with the additional payment option, with little or no customer help inquiries. Given the favorable client and customer response to the feature, it makes sense to activate it for all of our clients – except for those who opt out. This free upgrade will go live on December 12, 2016.

pay-by-text-screenOffering Pay by Text is simply another payment option for your customers and there is no extra cost associated with it. Customers will be able to pay their bill in full (no partial payments) with the same payment methods that you accept today.

Once you have Pay by Text, your customers will need to register to get started. They will see an option when making an online payment to sign up for Pay by Text and receive SMS text reminders for future invoices. (Note that these text notifications will not replace email notifications). That is one way to register for Pay by Text and the other is for customers to update their account information when logged in to the customer portal. After registering, customers will begin receiving text notifications, in addition to email, and if a default payment method is saved, they will have the option to reply with the prompted text message to pay. Otherwise, there will be a link to a web form to submit a payment.

While no promotion is needed to roll this out, please contact Marketing if you would like assistance communicating this new feature to your customers.

Learn more:
Watch a brief video on Pay by Text, click here
Watch a video on registering for Pay by Text, click here

To Opt Out: If you do not wish to have Pay by Text added to your account, please call 901-737-8686 or submit a helpdesk ticket by December 7, 2016.