Boost Adoption with a Sweepstakes

As new technologies and products are released, there are people that jump on board immediately to get the latest and greatest and then there are those that wait it out and may need some convincing or motivation. Similarly, for online payments and additional features, some of your customers were likely instantly thrilled to go online, eliminate their paper bill, set up AutoPay, etc., whereas others are still warming up to the idea.

Running a sweepstakes can be a fairly easy way to give your adoption a boost because there’s something in it for the customer. When there’s a chance to win something, even if there is only one winner, it creates a sense of excitement for some people. Offering a single prize (big or small) or multiple through a sweepstakes can lead to more customers taking action to enter, such as by registering for an account, opting for paperless billing or enrolling in AutoPay.

The key to a successful sweepstakes, besides offering a prize that is of interest, is to tell your customers about the sweepstakes. There are a number of ways that you can promote the sweepstakes to your customers from your website to the bill to in the office and it is best to have it mentioned in multiple places. If you haven’t run a sweepstakes, it may be worth considering. Our Marketing team can help you through the process and assist with materials. Contact Marketing to discuss running a sweepstakes.