Products to Make Your Life Easier – Are You Using Them?

Organizations across the country want to make it easy and convenient for customers to pay, so they offer multiple choices of payment types and channels. With two-thirds of all bills being paid electronically, are you prepared to provide your customers with the payment channels they are looking for?

At Invoice Cloud, we are constantly looking at new ways to make accepting payments easier for you and making payments easier for your customers.

Can you manage phone payments electronically?

Are you tired of handling incoming calls to make payments over the phone? And then further – manually processing those transactions? With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone payments, your customers can get their balance and make a payment anytime 24/7, which frees up you and your team to work on other important activities. You can expect up to a 54% increase in electronic payments when you add IVR.

Do your bill payment solutions accommodate the unbanked?

With PayNearMe, your customers can make cash payments at a network of 30,000+ retail locations, which include 7-11, CVS, Dollar General, Casey’s General Stores and more. Featuring real-time integration, the Invoice Cloud Biller Portal is updated electronically and the transaction will appear in your deposit reconciliation report.

Are you actively encouraging your customers to pay electronically?

If you don’t have a plan to communicate regularly to your customer base, you’re missing a golden opportunity to make your life easier. Why? The more people that pay electronically, the less manual processes you need to do. The Invoice Cloud marketing team is prepared to share strategies and create materials to help you communicate the benefits of paying electronically to your customer base. Take advantage of this free service and get more people paying electronically!

Providing products and services to make paying bills easier has helped fuel our company’s growth: Invoice Cloud is proud to be included on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing US companies. What lands a company on the Inc. 5000? Revenue growth and job creation are two key factors. Invoice Cloud ranks #902.

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