Digital Payments Savings Calculator

Digital Payments Estimated Savings Calculator

Our digital engagement and payment solution removes friction in the payment process. It delivers a user-friendly payment experience to increase electronic payment adoption, self-service rates and savings so your organization can focus on more impactful projects.

Calculate the estimated savings you could realize if more of your customers paid their bills online.

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Calculations are projected based on the average year one results of InvoiceCloud customers going live on the InvoiceCloud platform.
Disclaimer: The calculators available on this website are being provided for educational purposes only. The results are estimates based on information you provide and may not reflect actual results. The results of the calculations are not a promise or guarantee of a customer’s actual savings realized, if any, from using the products or services offered by InvoiceCloud. InvoiceCloud is not responsible or liable for the content, results, or accuracy of the information on or provided by the calculators. Such information is provided “AS IS” with all faults, and InvoiceCloud disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information on or provided by the calculators. The calculations are hypothetical examples designed to illustrate the potential savings a customer could realize if more of their payers paid their bills online, and the customer’s electronic/digital payment adoption increased, through the use of InvoiceCloud’s products and services. Actual savings and results will vary.

Check out your estimated results with InvoiceCloud*

Estimated results after year 1
Estimated hours saved annually that can be dedicated to focus on more impactful or non-payment related projects
Estimated dollars saved annually that can be allocated to other high priority needs
Estimated yearly reduction in number of
billing & payment
related calls

In year 1, InvoiceCloud could save you: hours

Estimated number of hours per year you are currently spending manually processing payments
8000 hrs
Estimated number of hours per year that you would spend manually processing payments after going live on the InvoiceCloud platform
6820 hrs
Your estimated current digital payment adoption rate
Your estimated Year 1 digital payment adoption rate after going live on the InvoiceCloud platform

How much could you potentially save?

Estimated annual savings

$ 6820

Estimated Increase In Number Of Monthly Digital Payments

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