InvoiceCloud Announces Winner of First-Ever Online Billing Sweepstakes

Tessa Newell

Just last week, we celebrated an InvoiceCloud first by announcing the winners of our first-ever online billing sweepstakes! Over five million InvoiceCloud users participated in the global sweepstakes, which ran from October 1 to December 20, 2021, and was created to encourage digital payments and enrollments for self-service routes like paperless billing or automatic payments (AutoPay). 

To enter, InvoiceCloud users simply had to sign up for AutoPay, paperless billing, or make an online payment for their chance to win some incredible prizes. First-time online payers earned themselves an extra entry, and any customer already enrolled in these self-service routes was automatically entered. Thirty runners up were awarded Visa gift cards, and our second-place winner – a Peninsula Light Company customer who signed up for both AutoPay and paperless billing – won a Rad Power eBike. 

And for the grand prize, a customer from the Town of Barnstable, MA, who signed up for both AutoPay and paperless billing, got their choice of either an electric Mini Cooper or the cash value of the car! The entire InvoiceCloud team was especially thrilled to present this grand prize to a Barnstable resident, as the town is a long-time customer, brought to InvoiceCloud by founder and EngageSmart CEO, Bob Bennett himself. 

Even if only a few billers could win tangible prizes, every biller who participated had the opportunity to increase their e-adoption rates just by promoting the sweepstakes. In fact, as a result of this first annual event, many InvoiceCloud customers in municipal tax collection, utility billing, and insurance saw a significant increase in online adoption. 

For the InvoiceCloud team, this is all incredibly thrilling. True, we love giving out prizes, you caught us – but helping our users drive this type of meaningful adoption truly epitomizes one of InvoiceCloud’s most fundamental goals. 

“Our aim is to foster positive engagement between our customers and their customers, and what more fun way to do so than with a sweepstakes,” Bob Bennett said. “I’m delighted that so many InvoiceCloud payers took part. Increasing the volume of digital payments has great benefits for our customers, their customers, and the environment.” 

This strengthened engagement between biller and payer has a few elements to it. 

First, InvoiceCloud strives to empower your customers with choice; they choose their preferred way to receive bills and make payments, and InvoiceCloud’s diverse digital solutions will offer easy, intuitive experiences, no matter what channel. 

Second is design. If your billing organization’s payment platform is designed to leverage every possible engagement point – along the payment route and beyond – billers can achieve their highest-ever rates of self-service adoption. Not to mention realize critical organizational efficiencies, like reduced payment-related call volumes, reduced printing and mailing costs, even a more productive workforce. 

Want to learn which customer engagement points your organization can’t afford to ignore and how to make the most out of them? Get your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement today. 


Tessa Newell

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