San Angelo Restores Customer Trust with Secure Payments Solution: Client Story 

Brian Melle

Nowadays, municipalities of any size face an increased danger of critical security breaches. The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million, a 15% increase over the last few years.

The City of San Angelo Water Utilities, responsible for serving the needs of over 100,000 residents, found themselves in this challenging predicament. Their existing online payment system not only suffered a data breach, leaving customers and staff agitated, but it also failed to integrate seamlessly with their CIS. 

With trust at a low and a disjointed payment experience frustrating its constituency, San Angelo knew it needed to reevaluate its digital billing and payment solution for a more secure, user-friendly alternative.

Unsecure payment system caused heavy workloads and exasperated customers 

It was obvious that the city’s previous payment solution lacked the essential modern security features necessary for safeguarding sensitive payment data, causing escalating concerns regarding online payment security.

Moreover, the challenges included significant barriers in the city’s user experience that were hindering online payment adoption, leading to increased customer inquiries and complex reconciliations, draining valuable staff resources. The combination of these factors resulted in growing customer frustration due to the difficult user experience, ultimately translating into low self-service rates. 

InvoiceCloud increases customer satisfaction and adoption rates

After evaluating various options, InvoiceCloud emerged as the preferred choice. The solution catered perfectly to San Angelo’s needs, ensuring sensitive data protection for confident digital payment information, enhancing self-service rates, and reducing call volumes. It also promised a seamless integration with its CIS and proficient support team to ensure a hassle-free transition, including a fully supported promotional sweepstakes that added incentive to boost digital payment adoption. 

San Angelo quickly saw the benefits of their decision to adopt a PCI Level 1 security-compliant digital payment solution. With a secure SaaS solution that automatically delivers the latest updates to protect payment data, San Angelo was able to mitigate risks and rebuild customer trust. And, customers were empowered to securely make payments at their convenience, leading to a 222% increase in e-payment adoption. The implementation also streamlined communication through the use of InvoiceCloud’s Outbound Campaigns, facilitating mass messaging to the customer base.  

Furthermore, this transformation reduced call volume and customer inquiries, resulting in a time-saving of 15 hours per month for San Angelo’s staff. To learn more about San Angelo’s implementation of InvoiceCloud, download the full case study below. 

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